Lakrids By Bulow

Born into a family of entrepreneurial spirits, Johan Bülow always knew, that he wanted to create something special. He threw his passion and attention into liquorice – a Scandinavian favorite that he felt was underappreciated and deserved to be taken seriously. He put in the hours and learned the craft the hard way, and by 2007 he was ready to cook, roll and cut his very first product.

Johan then decided that he wanted to explore the potential of gourmet liquorice even further, and decided to coat his liquorice in chocolate, which has long been a popular treat in Iceland.

In Denmark, people were at first sceptical about the idea, but soon the first chocolate-coated gourmet liquorice, A - THE ORIGINAL, saw the light of day. A gluten-free sweet liquorice core, coated in exclusive milk chocolate and rolled in fine liquorice powder.